Emotional Blackmail ?

What’s wrong with Indian Politicians these days ? Threatening to die if something goes against their will or if they lose elections. 

Today’s TOI online headlines read 

Now what would you call this ? Emotional blackmail ? Why should anyone be listening to such stupidity ?

Are we crazy enough to re-vote for such a person ? 

In earlier months, Jaya Prada / Arjun singh made comments that she would commit suicide.

Is the life of a politian so much of a “Zindagi ya Maut” situation ? I mean how silly can something get ?? This definitely has crossed my limits of silliness and stupidity.

My thoughts.. and I have the full freedom to express them. Anyone thinks elsewise, go read the constitution 😉 Enjoy!


SBI – RBI Woes

I have been thinking the  solution for the SBI Card issue. With we receiving threating calls to repay an amount we arent’ responsible for, any gullible person would directly pay off.

But then, if everyone goes hands down against such criminal banks like SBI, who basically overlook the customer interests what will a layman do ?

With RBI sleeping away on such matters and with consumer having pathetic rules holding them away, how is any person going to survive in this mess of credit cards?

It is of no wonder that the majority of cases are being against SBI Credit cards, are all the regulatory bodies sleeping on such matters ?

What am I paying taxes and other dues for ? So that such banks continue to operate like a government organization asking for bribes through every transaction ? Do we work so hard so that we can pay bribes ???

it’s ironic that i am relating the credit card fees (service charges and taxes etc) to bribes. But it’s the truth. The nature of govt. banks makes them that way.

Ever visited any bank? SBI has many people standing in queue with there being no ‘helpdesk’ to help any customer. Wonder who is doing a favor on whom ? Instead of treating ‘Customer is the king’, it’s the vice versa.. SBI is trying to make “Customer is the pauper“.

I am irritated with the way things are going here. It took RBI 5-6 years to realise how the banks were treating their customers. And they introduced the Banking ombudsmen scheme in 2006. Isn’t that too long a time to introduce the  scheme. It just proves how drowsy and sluggish the bank is! Also, this info you get when you go to their website and not in any bank’s documents or in any branch. That’s the disgusting situation right here. How is a layman walking their way to the bank to withdraw money know of this ? Is this scheme only for the e-citizens ? The RBI has become a ‘kumbhkaran’.. . If I would call it “Sleeping partner in the crime” it wouldn’t be wrong. Bank-bank bhai-bhai ?

There hasnt’ been any newspaper article which would show this scheme to the crushed customer. Only the customer gets is threatening calls from the “recovery agents” of the so=called banks. This isn’t limited to the pvt. sector, the govts own SBI is part of this. While reading the SBI customer care policy, you feel good – in protected hands et al. But when you open your eyes to the reality, it’s stark different. Rules are made to be broken. They hire recovery agents who keep threatening you as if you are some kind of criminal who has stolen their money. But excuse me here, would i be wrong when I say that I in the end, contribute to that money ? Who pays for your salaries and the money you lend me ? I pay, dont’ I? Where else is the tax used? Infrastructure ? can’t see any!

Still the question remains, who is protecting the consumer ? No one. People hate to travel to complain against such stupid banks. REason ? Govt offices are corrupt, they dont’ care how reasonable your explanation is, they understand that they have rules and in the end you have to pay for their ir-responsibleness.

Why am i cribbing about RBI ? it’s it supposed to be the mai-baap of all banks here?
It’s time to wake up. If we keep sleeping, who will wake up the sleeping beast called RBI ??

WAKE UP RBI, we need more better and customer friendly options. Not banking friendly. Not all are finance guys here!
Guess the name is correct, Reserve Bank of India – Very Reserved indeed!

Being an Indian citizen, I have every right to comment on such horrendous behavior and sleepiness of the govt sector.

We had an SBI credit card offered for 1 year free . that was 6 years back!

We made all relevant payments and closed the card! But after 4-5 years we are still getting calls for payment of late fees and stuff! After repeated complaints nothing has been done.

Their payment centers will be at places away from where you stay. So you basically take up torture of using the stupid card and then pay more money to reach the payment place. once that is done there will be no one to guide you about the payment. They take the cheque later and then charge you late payment! and further it’s real torture.. you get the picture dont’ you ? It’s more easier to talk with ICICI or other pvt bank credit card personnel.. but these govt banks cards are horrible.

The customer care is disgusting and does not answer properly. Really irritating and a total mental harrassment.


The Alchemist

I am engrossed in the book by Paul Coelho. Really an awesome book. Read it if you can get it 🙂

SEZ in Goa – A good start!

I was irritated by the mail received today saying that Goans should oppose SEZ!

Why ?? To block any good development that will happen. Talk with fellow goans away from home and you’ll understand the importance of SEZ!

Please support SEZ so that goans like me can come back and work in Goa.

If other states start opposing hiring of outsiders in SEZs, how will goan’s grow ??

Please think in the right direction before opposing a good development.

Tata Indicom down yet again!

Oops Sorry! It’s Network Down!

The Tata Indicom Customer Harassment Story continues yet again. With endless calls to the most disgusting customer care in Bangalore, nothing is working. Worse still the software they use is the oddest! I hope it’s not developed in-house! The problem with their software is that it closes a customer’s complaint based on the feedback given by their technicians. The technician gives a feedback by possibly fixing the problem and the software allows the complaint to be closed! Well it doesn’t matter if your problem is solved or not! This is customer service!

Childhood Memories – II

This post is in continuation of my earlier post.

My school was on top of a hill spread over a huge campus. We had our own basketball court and a huge playground. There were no upper floors for our building – all our class rooms were on the ground floor itself! Everything was neat and clean. I wasn’t a rebel then and used to be a good student.  Enjoyed school life a lot. Made a lot of friends there 🙂

The road to my school was a climb uphill. There were steps made that would lead to the school. There were groups of gals who would gather together in the morning and walk towards school. The same when school would end at 1 pm.

In the evenings, it would be completing home work and then playing on the sea shore. I have seen such beautiful sunsets there. We dont’ realise the value of something, till it’s taken away. It’s the same. We no longer stay at the old house, and how I miss all those any-time-of-day trips to the Sea shore!

Every house had a frontyard for a garden and a backyard for growing vegetables. In our backyard we had a mogra plant, Guava tree which had leaned and touched our house roof, a cherry tree and some more plants.

When the guavas would grown, we’d climb on the tree and eat them. We implies me and my brother. Hours would pass by and we’d never realise. It was so serene and calm. As I had mentioned, from the backyard the sea shore was cleary visible. The sea breeze would blow gently, after eating guavas it would be a nice siesta time on the roof.

Many times, I’d go on the roof for study. It had become a hideout for us. The tree would be our cover.

Through the backyard, we’d go roaming to meet the other kids in the neighbourhood. When all would gather, we’d play hide & seek or running race or building sand castles on the sea shore. You’d say how can you play hide &Seek on the sea shore. Well there would be fishing boats parked on the shore. They provided us the hiding place. Sometimes, we’d just go and sit in the boats and play antakshari or something.

Sigh.. I miss all those moments..